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It's very expensive when you looked at all the custom parts we made for it: FMIC, radiator, header, DP, scavenge setup, etc., etc... this list is VERY long. We have only sold a few partial kits. We've run many setups over the years and it was absolutely the best performing. Unfortunately, the cost for that ~10% power advantage comes in multitudes higher than a rotated 'kit', so that math doesn't make sense for 99.8% of us.
oh i completely agree. i remember asking what it would cost to do a few years back, and i think it was quoted in the 10k ish range for just the parts (not incluiding fuel system/oiling/tune etc). if i ever win the lotto, i'll be calling to build another haha. but i doubt that'll ever happen.

do you know where the car ended up?
961 - 965 of 965 Posts