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Possibly buying this STI

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Came across a add on Craigslist (Salvage) 2005 STI 78k Miles for 12.5k. The salvage is said to of been from theft. Car looks to be in great condition considering it's now roughly 8yrs old. However doing a little research I've found some conflicting opinions that could possibly be a worry for me. He has stated below the leak down test showed the cylinders at 7-9% which i've read on some fourms anything under 10% is great. however on other i've read that it'll need a overhaul. As for which cyclinders are at what % i dont know yet, waiting on email response. I know cylinder 1,4 tent to be higher then the rest, at the same time tend to be the ones needing replaced. But for the year/Milage is that normal for the leak down test to be at 7-9%. Any help or tips on what to look for would be greatly appreciated!

The Mods to this STI are:
• Subaru Group N engine/trans mounts
• Subaru Group N top hats
• Subaru Group N suspension bushings (JDM)
• STI stock struts re-valved by Feal Suspension (setup with grease zerks in rears for lube so no clunking when dry)
• Subaru Group N gravel brakes front and rear with SS braided brake lines
• Deatchwerks cleaned/flowed stock injectors.
• Newish Exedy stage 1 clutch
• New Khumo all season tires
Strong engine and good cylinder leak down on all 4 cylinders (7-9%)
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The leakdown seems high. My 05 STI was at ~105k miles and each cylinder was 2% leakdown, except for cylinder 2 which was 3%.
Do you have any guess on the repair cost for the cylinders?
7-9% leakdown is not high.
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