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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie here, I don't know if this has been posted to death or not. (it probably has, so have mercy on me) Anyway, for the three people out there in the world who haven't seen it, there's a badass realtime 3D STi model that you can view from a web browser (as long as you download the plugin) from Subaru Japan's site. Just click on the ENTER button next to your whip of choice, and marvel in the glory. Or just look at the shiny car. Or whatever.


BTW - I had been swinging back and forth on the STi/Evo issue, until I saw the incredible announcement from SOA. I would not have believed that they could bring an STi stateside that would surpass the Evo, but DAMN! It's a good year to be a car freak. I wonder how much trade-in you can get for an M3?

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The description for all the parts is written in katakana, a phonetic alphabet used for non-japanese words. The labels are funny, things like

1st category: Supoiraa (spoiler)
furonto banpaa sukaato (front bumper skirt)
riya banpaa sukaato (rear bumper skirt)

2nd category: Guriru (grill)
fronto guriru supooti (front grill, sporty)
furonto guriru messhu (front grill, mesh)

3rd category: STi Genome
supootsu mafuraa (well, you guys can guess this right?)

4th category: Sono hoka (other crap) You can guess the titles, right? they're funny so I'm not even going to write them down.

earo doa miraa kabaa
doa miraa finishaa
oogata[trans: bigass] foguranpu kitto (buruu)

wojo said:
That's pretty cool. Even though it's in Japanese. I like the custom options
///M3anMachine: I'm not on DTM, though I stop by bimmerforums once in a blue moon. Had I known about the STi three years ago, I'd be driving a $2000 piece of crap, with the rest of the money in the bank just waiting for the STi. :-?
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