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translation of the main story:

The Porsche 911 Turbo: an absolute reference dell?automobilismo highest performances. The Subaru Impreza STI, that is the most recent street version than one of the protagonists of the world-wide rally of the last years.

In common they have at least a pair of aspects. The motor to cylinders contrapposti and the integral traction.

To push us to the comparison it has been the curiosity to verify if l?agilità of a car clearly rallistico stamp is in a position to pareggiare the accounts, in track, with the strapotenza of one supersport of the highest rank. The hung Porsche 911 Turbo 1. 540 kg it has 420 CV to 6. 000 girie one the maximum brace of 560 Nm to 2. 700 turns.

The Subaru Impreza hung STi 1. 470 kg for one power of 265 CV to 6. 000 turns and one 343 the maximum brace of Nm to 4. 000 turns.
The two cars have been tried in exasperated conditions.

In both the pressures of inflation of rubbers have been maintained to the values standard of homologation. In first returned of assay, the Porsche has confirmed its overflowing motoristica prestazionalità, guaranteeing strong and progressive accelerations therefore to remove the breath. In the guide exasperated from track, but, we have noticed un?accentuata tendency to prime phenomena of sovrasterzo of power and inertia. Less than not guides with one style extremely?pulito.

The Impreza STi, for against, has revealed immediately a character a lot, but the much easiest one, with neutral reactions also in the case of extreme corrections of trajectory.

Sure, the power is inferior, to all the regimes, but it must say endured that the system of integral traction Subaru and the chassis dell?Impreza are always all?altezza of the situation. In the case of this car, to l?avere used the pressure of homologation inflation has not involved manifesting of reactions extreme and difficult to manage when we have guided the car in track.

In the second part of the test we have carried the pressure of rubbers to levels leggermente more adapted to the guide in track, but without to exceed in order not to snaturare the character of our test, that it wants to maintain the just references also in the comparisons dell?uso street of the two cars.

The things, however, are changed in radical way.
The 911 Turbo has demonstrated of being able to use all its shocking power always maintaining in rigorous way the set up trajectories. In escape from the curves, the 911 discharge to earth all the one which its motor I biupset puts to disposition in order to pass with agility and un?incredibile rapidity from one curve all?altra. In these conditions, held stability and of road has been revealed almost perfect, even if the eventual corrections always go executed with firm and soft hand. And without never to remove the dall?acceleratore foot.

However, l?Impreza it remains unapproachable. It has been maintained manageable and?neutra? also when we have begun to crush indeed on the pedal of the gas. The complex integral chassis-traction has continued to render a power perfectly gestibile that, on road, remains always much elevating. Famous a light lateral coricamento of the body car, than does not have a lot of sportsman, but that it renders the behavior more expectable dell?auto.

Optimal the systems refraining with that more linear Porsche in the answer.

Both have demonstrated to resist more well also all?utilizzo exasperated.

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Ive been in that race before.... I can tell you guys who won without the need for translation....

clearly not i.

but the guy in the 911 told me my car was an incredible package, and that his cousin owns one.

i am never ashamed to lose to far superior cars.

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That's pretty funny. A comparison to the $70-$90k 2005 911 Carerra base or S (the new 997) would be more realistic. I've driven one of those and they're quite nice. I suspect they would be faster on the track due to a bit less weight, more power (N/A as well), and better weight balance. However no AWD would mean they'd start suffering as grip went down. The steering on the "S" I drove was fantastic, and of course the car feels as solid as you'd hope for an extra $60k. Great car, but the STi is of course the better bargain -- as almost everyone at the BMW track events I've been to agrees (some reluctantly, some enthusiastically). Even stock it's fast enough for most people at the track. Add a TBE, an ECU, and some R tires and it's faster yet.

I've been on a road course in my stock STi and then ridden in a (996) 911 turbo. Well let's see -- what was similar? We each blew by the other cars rather at will. The difference is that my group had lousy drivers, while his had much better drivers (and faster cars too). Fun car. I've also been on a track with 911 turbos. I told a fellow student that "the 911t's just flew by me scary fast on the straight." His eyes goggled a bit and he replied, "um, kind of like you do to us?" I hit about 145mph on the speedo at the end of the straight I believe. The instructors said that they had the 911t's stop accelerating when they hit 160 (Spokane has a mile long straight).

Hmm. The new 2005 911 GT3 Cup. Sequential dog-box, under 2600lbs, plenty of downforce, racing ceramic brakes, driver-adjustable brake bias, normally aspirated 400hp / 295lb-ft. Of course not available in NA, not street legal, and about $130k.
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