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Poll on Rev. light/buzzer

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Well, how about it STi owners? Where do you have your rev. buzzer/light set?
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mine is set at 3900. When it beeps and i shift i am usually around 4250 by then. I have had it up to 5000rpm once cause i got carried away showing off for my cousin. I hate shifting at 4k all the time. you hit it sooo fast and then you shift and hit it even faster........argghh. I have put 300 miles exactly on mine in a little over a week. I have been so busy lately that i didn't even get to drive it friday or saturday. Sucks so bad. I put almost 500 miles on my S2000 the first day i had it and i hit 1000 miles in only 5 days. ARGGHHHHH....I wish i had the damn time to get my STI up to 1k miles quicker!!! Peace!!
MKIVSupra said:
Hey weren't you the one giving me crap for having my STi for a little over a week and only having about 150 miles on it. :wink:
I am very sorry Senator but i do not recall saying anything specific relating to that specific topic specifically. :lol:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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