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Please help me identify my 2004 sti

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Hello this is my 1st post here let me introduce myself. My name is ezie, i'm from brunei darussalam. It's a small country in the south china sea (borneo). I just bought a used 2004 wrb wrx sti.

I need help identifying which market is my car from. Since i'm from asia i thought it was a JDM spec but i was wrong. JDM spec have rear wiper and the redline for JDM is 8k while my car have no rear wiper and the redline is 7.5k My car is right hand drive just like the JDM spec and i got the 2.0 liter version. From the register car is says my enjine is ej207.

I know for a fact that it is not a USDM spec since mine is 2 liter and the USDM is 2.5 liter. From what i know UK spec redline is 7k and it is left hand drive.

Any help would be great. This car have never had engine transplant since i got all the record from my local subaru dealer. If you guys need more info or photo i will post it later.
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From what i know UK spec redline is 7k and it is left hand drive.
That's incorrect! ^^

UK spec cars are RHD exactly like the JDM, same goes for the Aussie spec cars which is what you might have.

You could also enter your VIN into one of those free online VIN decoders and see what comes up in the details...
Thank you RecceRS for the info. I already try the online VIN decoders but i got check number error. What are the difference between UK and aussie spec over the JDM spec?
The UKDM Impreza back then was so different, it's practically their own market. It's also possible your car was de-tuned for the ASEAN market, hence the lower redline. Is your STi a special model like Type-RA, etc? Also, the JDM Spec C that year has no rear wiper either (USDM MY04 IS a Spec C, just with 2.5L, LHD, and 15.2:1 steering rack).
My only other guess would have been that it's maybe a WRX disguised as a STi... but let's hope it is not so.

What does your VIN plate say as far as engine code ? Otherwise you could just post your VIN for us to try and decode. I doubt anyone can do something bad with that number with such an old car...

Pictures of the engine bay and dash might help as well...
Sorry for the late reply guys, just fix my internet since the super typhoon haiyan / yolanda strike our country.

Anyway I just post the picture for your reference.

the dashboard

the vin plate. The vin is JF1GDBKH34G041158 built date DEC 03

the engine bay

Sorry for the crappy picture, this is all i can get for now.
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Hmmm... every VIN decoder ends up with the same thing: it has a invalid check digit. Yours reads "3" but it should be "1".

EDIT: It works on russian decoders though and it does show that you have a EJ207 STi engine, 6 speed, WRB color (02C), RHD, sedan.

Can you check your other VIN plate that should be located on your left suspension strut tower (under the hood), and also check the other VIN that should be embossed into the firewall upper right portion (peek under your strut bar) to see if they match ?

EDIT: You also seem to be lacking the DCCD display in your gauge cluster...
It took some research on my part but it seems that you have an Australian 2004 Impreza S WRX STi. In short, it's a 6 speed without DCCD, 2.0L turbo with "only" 261 HP. That was the last year for the 2.0L in Aussie STis.

Here's all the info:

Vehicle Details;

Drive: Four Wheel Drive
Badge: WRX STi
Series: S
Body: Sedan
Release Year: 2004
No. Doors: 4
VIN Number: JF1GDBKH34H######
Seat Capacity: 5
Country of origin: JAPAN
Transmission: Manual
Number of Gears: 6
ANCAP Safety Rating
Overall Green Star Rating

Full Specifications;

Engine Location: Front
Configuration: Horizontal
Engine Cycle: 4 Stroke
Engine Type: Piston
Cylinders: 4
Cam: DOHC with VVT
Valves per Cylinder: 4
Fuel Delivery: Multi-Point Injection
Engine Code: EJ207T
Engine Size (cc): 1994
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Induction System: Turbo Intercooled
Power: 195kW @ 6000rpm (261 HP)
Torque: 343Nm @ 4000rpm (253 TQ)
Acceleration: 0-100Km/h (secs) 5.5
Fuel Type: Petrol - Premium ULP
Recommended RON Rating: 98
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres): 60
Fuel Urban (l/100km): 13.0
Fuel Extra Urban (l/100km) 9.0
Fuel Combined (l/100km) 11.5


Kerb Weight (kg): 1470
Length (mm): 4415
Tare Mass (kg): 1437
Width (mm): 1740
Gross Vehicle Mass (kg): 1880
Height (mm): 1440
Towing Braked (kg): 900
Towing Not Braked (kg): 500
Track Front (mm): 1490
Track Rear (mm): 1495
Wheel Base (mm): 2525
Hope it helps! :tup:
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@ recceRS thank you for your hard work really appreciate it. Regarding about the DCCD, i already ask the dealer and they said it was set to auto and it is rear bias 40/60 or something like that. I just met a guy who owns a uk spec car. The difference between them is the turn signal is on the left side of the steering and the redline for uk spec is 7.25k. Turbo is the same single scroll vf35.
Indeed, your Australian version is virtually identical to a Type-UK, but your speedo is in KM/H. You gotta love those ex-cons turned into settlers! :lol:

Glad I could help! :tup:
Another quick question regarding the injectors. Do i have a side feed or top feed? I'm looking for a fuel system upgrade but i can't get much info on australia spec sti.

Thanks in advance.
Another quick question regarding the injectors. Do i have a side feed or top feed? I'm looking for a fuel system upgrade but i can't get much info on australia spec sti.

Thanks in advance.
They should be those little cute pink top feeds! :lol:

565cc if I recall...
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