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Plasti-Dip or Paint?

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Hey guys i'm currently interested into getting the "gold bbs rim" look on my 2008 WRX STI.

Are there any good plasti dip colors you all would recommend that have the same visual effect as the gold BBS rims that came on some of the STI models?

I found this, but what are your suggestions?


thanks! Sam.
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i have only used plasti dip for temporary or to mock up what i might like. then i eventually powder coated my bbs but for on my car as of right now i have alot of plasti dip till i can get everything i want vynal wrapped.

i say paint them. or powder them. I also know that when u read up on powder coating the bbs its bad for them but i know a hand full of people that have including myself that have never had a problem.
i was just worried about the paint. it doesn't state how heat resistant it is and i dont want brake dust going into the paint and eventually turning the gold rims to orange.
I painted mine and used a clear coat made for rims that is supposed to resist chips and brake dust.

I am too cheap and a bit afraid of powder coating forged rims. They are probably stronger than cast even with powder coating but while I would powder coat cast rims, I would paint forged.

Forgot to address the plastidip. I see it as fake tatoos fun but if you really want the look, get a tat.
- Will it hold up to heat and racing? Plasti Dip® is heat resistant up to 200 degrees F. Dipped wheels have a great record holding up to the heat and abuse from racing or rally events.


I'm currently having a love affair with plasti dip and car parts. It's probably unhealthy but i'm enjoying it.
Plastidip isn't intended for automotive use. The answer will always be paint.
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i mean i had mine on for a year and all i can say it works good. color might darken with the brake dust every time you wash it But the biggest part to where i wont ever do it again is when you take it off. NOT worth it. Go big and paint/powder coat. more selections and actually goes way better with the car.
I plastidipped my bbs wheels a several months ago and already removed it. They get dirty way to quick and cleaning them is awful. Not only does it take FORVER to clean them, they start looking all stained and crappy. Removing the plastidip from my wheels was not bad though honestly. Some people say it takes hours and hours to remove but it doesn't if you put it on correctly.

I had 6+ coats on mine and it peeled off sooo easily when I removed it. As for the overspray that gets on the inside of the wheel, I used goof off and a very very fine grit type sponge for dishes. Took me 1.5 hours tops to remove all four wheels, remove all plastidip, clean them and put them back on.

I would just powdercoat them. That's what I'm planning on doing now for a bronze color
i dipped my bbs black about 8 months ago. they've gone through about 2 track days, lots of heavy use. for the most part they're ok. i just picked up a nail puncture the other day and to plug it the shop had to remove the tire. that process kinda chewed up the edges of the wheel, causing the dip to peel. they do require touch up every once in a while. and in about 2 months i will be mounting new tires on all 4, when i expect the dip to get completely f'd up. im also considering to get several cans of duple-color black and painting, but i suck at it lol. and i dont know if itll hold up to the track use.
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