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Pick up day !!

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Pick her up today , i'm like a kid at Christmas......

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ah yes i remember the feeling! when I picked up my 2013 Sedan, the bright blue color was eye popping beyond what I imagined. My car looked like a real life carton character sitting there staring at me LOL!

Here's a tip: remember and cherish the excact moment in history when your STI was flawless and PERFECT in condition. Cause from today on out... it all goes downhill from here :lol:

You'll get the new car owner OCD syndrome beat out of you... Eventually muahahahaa!!:devil:
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yeh I also remember that day...the STI was slightly used but in almost pristine condition. I walked in and passed it, though it was a new car but was actually mine sitting on the showroom floor...it looked magnificent!!! I got to drive it right off the showroom floor...was really cool :D

Linsanity is right about the flawless condition...after the first ding or two, you'll realize to not care too much about them. I still try to keep mine clean and waxed as often as I can
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Congrats and enjoy....I'm jealeous...mine has made it to the states but I'm still awaiting a delivery date to the dealer.
I remember that day too. Do cherish it but be prepared for the dings scratches road rash and swirl marks that will inevitably come. :)
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