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Perrin 05-09 LGT/08+ WRX TMIC/ AVO TB Hose Package Deal!

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Perrin 05-09 LGT/08+ WRX TMIC/ AVO TB Hose Package Deal! On Sale until 8/30/13. $695 delivered to the Con US for the Package! Perrin TMIC available in Silver or Black. AVO TB hose available in Black, Blue or Red.

Please email ([email protected]) or PM, or call (760-781-1126) to order.

Top Mount Intercooler

A key to making more power on any turbocharged engine is the addition of a high performance air-to-air intercooler. This part in the simplest of terms, cools the air going from the turbo into your engine, much the same as a radiator cools the water inside the engine, by transferring the excess heat way using multiple passages through a core. A PERRIN intercooler fits easily to the front of your Subaru to maximize cooling.

Intercooler Core

The most important part of any intercooler system is the core. The core cools the charge air on the way to the engine. The factory Subaru tube and fin intercooler was designed to be easy to manufacture, but is not good for performance. Our testing has shown the optimum core design is the 3/8” bar and plate style that has a 3/8” charge air and ambient air path, instead of the common 1/4” size. The PERRIN bar and plate core design is much more durable than tube and fin with the ability to withstand rocks and other debris, which may enter the scoop.

Cast Endtanks

The PERRIN Performance designed endtanks control near perfect dispersal of hot air across the intercooler core. BY eliminating any 90 degree corners adding a smooth, gradual taper from top to bottom turbulence is eliminated. Each endtank has an innovative mounting tabs built in that can solidly remount the factory intercooler cover.

Pressure Testing

PERRIN Performance is one of the only intercooler manufactures who pressure tests every intercooler. We pressurize every intercooler to 50 psi. on our special jigs. This ensures you never get a core with a leak! Even the slightest leak can cause your vehicle to loose power, literally bleeding turbo boost pressure out the intercooler.


Every PERRIN intercooler is powder coated to further protect your intercooler from the elements and making it look awesome for years to come. Available with either a black or silver powder coating.

Throttle Body Hose

We have designed a new Silicone Throttle Body hose with Kevlar reinforcing to use with stock or AVO top mount intercoolers. Increases flow and is more durable than the stock hose, and also makes it easier to install an AVO TMIC.

Applied Models:

Impreza WRX 5-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Impreza WRX 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]

Legacy GT sedan: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy GT wagon: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy Spec B: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy GT sedan: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy GT wagon: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy Spec B: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]

Legacy Outback: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy Outback: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]

Forester 2.5XT: 2009+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]
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Thanks for the orders. More packages shipping on Monday.
We are back at the shop today and orders are shipping again.
5 black and 6 silver TMIC's in stock and ready to ship today!
UPS has left for the day. All orders from the weekend will ship on Monday.
Inventory replenished. 5 silver and 5 black back in stock and ready to ship!
International shipping available. Please email or PM for international shipping quotes.
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