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What your looking at is a plot of my PDX flashed 2006 STI.

This is a 3rd gear run. Excuse the mislabled Y axis. The axis on the left is Manifold Pressure in PSIG.. the axis on the right is all other parameters.

I wanted to do a 4th gear pull, but traffic this morning would not let me.

I just want to say that PDX has customer service second to none. I had a couple of questions aboutt my maps and they immediately took a look at my logs and made some comments and suggestions. What does that mean to me. That means that its great to see a vendor that stands behind their products, and is willing to go that extra mile AFTER the sale, and long after your check clears to ensure you have a car that is happy with its map.

I will continue to talk with PDX as I need to, and work with them. Each time I call I get a person that is intelligent and helpful with an eagerness to please that is rare. I have had a couple of great experiences with vendors. So far PDX has lived up to all the other great reviews, and they will get my business in the future.
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