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I just purchased one of these. I have 30 days to try it and return it.

"measures true performance.....guaranteed!" We shall see.

Any feedback on this? I can take it! :D
I did searches but have yielded little information.

A little OT-
I am glad that there is not a STi home shopping network. I would sit in front of the TV with my credit card and speed dialed in phone buying everything. An example of me watching the STi channel...... "OOOOOooooo JDM pink neon for my ashtray....it's only $800.00 and it says it has to install from the engine side of the firewall and you have to drop the transmission. Hmmm, I know another STi owner in town who is an engineer and has an awesome set of tools......I'LL BUY IT!"

Rob, I'll call you when it arrives! :p
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