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I feel obligated to let all those attached to the world of motor racing that Carroll Smith, legendary racing engineer & author of the "..to Win" series of books has passed away after a very short fight with cancer. :cry:

I write this in some small part to deal with the enormaty of the loss to the motorsports community & to me personally. I feel blessed & privaliged to have gotten to work with Carroll, know him personally, and lean on him when I have been in a fix getting a car just right. The knowledge he has imparted to me as well as so many others, will be his ongoing legasy to the buisness of making cars go fast. " That will be close enough for the girls we know" he always used to say to me, when in fact, close was never good enough, perfection led to great results.

Thank you Scat for all you've done, for me and the world of Motorsports, you will be deeply missed.

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