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I do not believe anyone has posted this yet. I thought it would be of some interest. Here are the changes for the new STI Model...



Major Changes in the New Impreza
* Exterior design that improves the aerodynamics as a WRC base car.
* A power train and chassis that provide improved driving performance.
* Strengthened safety countermeasures that take into consideration the protection of both the driver and pedestrians.
* The feeling of quality of the interior has been improved by making changes in the materials and colour scheme.

The WRX STi -- The realisation of greater potential as a WRC base car.
The WRX STi is a top class driver’s car based on the concept of being the closest road going relative to the WRC car. The advances incorporated into this model include the exterior design with superb aerodynamics due to a new front design and large rear spoiler, large headlamps that are more effective for night rallies, and a functional interior. These changes are all for the purpose of improving driving performance.
The WRX -- Improved engine output and handling performance.
Stressing sporty performance, outstanding steering stability has been achieved by the use of dampers with multiple phase valves. The output of the 2.0-litre DOHC Horizontally-Opposed turbo charged engine has increased to 165 kW (225 PS). There is also a new wheel and body colour.
The 2.0 GX and 1.6 TS -- The balance between interior quality, safety, and driving pleasure.
The 2.0 GX and 1.6 TS, the Normally Aspirated Models, feature quality interiors and a full range of safety equipment as well as superb control and handling due to changes in the damper specifications. The rewarding driving experience that AWD technology gives you is also reflected in the 2.0 GX and 1.6 TS.

Main features
1. Exterior
The exterior design changes, concentrating mainly around the front end, gives these models an individualistic look based on the wide range of design changes needed for achieving WRC success, based on the knowledge gained by the Subaru World Rally Team (SWRT) from participation in the WRC.
* In a more aggressive design, the shape of the front bumper has changed, and the cooling performance inside the engine compartment and the aerodynamics were improved.
* A flowing line from the front bumper to the front window has been included by using a newly designed front bumper, headlamps and bonnet, which all contribute to decreasing the air resistance.
* The large headlamps not only form a striking look but also improve visibility during night driving by optimising distribution of the light.
* The use of the same motif for the headlamps and the rear combination lamps helps to create a feeling of front/rear design integration.
* A powerful appearance is achieved by increasing the depth of the bonnet and by inserting a unique character line. This character line passes from the front bonnet along the side expresses the flow of air and provides a refined silhouette.
In addition, the WRX STi has superior front to rear aerodynamic balance and improved stability during high-speed driving by its special aerodynamic equipment, i.e., front corner spoilers, side sill spoilers and the large rear spoiler. Cooling of the inter-cooler has also been enhanced by enlarging the air intake in the bonnet to increase air intake.

2. Interior
The interior tone has been unified by using a dark metallic tone for the centre panel (WRX STi, WRX, 2.0 GX), and using a monotone for the dashboard. With regard to the seat upholstery, a different colour scheme is used for each Impreza model to provide a pattern with character.
For the WRX STi, ease of operation for sports driving has been improved by using a specially-designed small-diameter steering wheel. The colour of the carpet is coordinated with blue in addition to that of seats and door trim.
For the WRX, a centre tachometer and full bucket seats (option) with built-in airbags are used, and leather seats (option) are now available.

3. Power train
The cooling performance of the 2.0-litre Horizontally-Opposed DOHC turbo charged engine mounted in the WRX STi has been improved by changing the shape of the inter-cooler water spray nozzle and the shape of the air baffle plate inside the air scoop.
The maximum output of the 2.0-litre Horizontally-Opposed DOHC turbo charged engine mounted in the WRX has been increased to 165 kW (225 PS) by enabling the use of 98 RON (high-octane gasoline).
* The performance data values are for the European specifications.

4. Chassis
For the WRX STi, the rigidity of the front suspension has been greatly strengthened by adding cross performance rods and by strengthening the mounts of the transverse linkages, resulting in better steering response. Handling has also been enhanced by minimising changes in the geometry during cornering.
For the WRX, linearity of steering performance and high stability are achieved by using dampers with multiple phase valves mechanism and by improving the tracking of the dampers against input from the road surface.
Smooth and positive steering stability from the low-speed range to high-speed range has been achieved by also using the dampers with multiple phase valves mechanism in the 2.0 GX and 1.6 TS.
The increased stability enhances vehicle body posture and gives a smoother driving experience even during high-speed lane changes.

5. Safety equipment
* The impact-absorbing type brake pedal reduces the incidence of driver lower limb injuries by absorbing impact in the event of a frontal collision.
* Front active headrests are used to reduce the amount of impact on the head in the event of a collision from the rear. (Natural Aspiration model)
* To soften the impact to the pedestrian in the event of a collision, the shape of the lower edge of the front bumper has been optimised and more clearance has been maintained between the engine and the bonnet. Crushable wipers will also contribute to this purpose.
* ISO-FIX compatible child seat anchors and tether anchors are provided for the rear seats of all models.

6. Others
* The colour of the aluminium wheels has been changed to Dark Metallic Grey (WRX).
* Clear type side indicators are used (all models).
* Anti-raindrops/dirt aerodynamic door mirrors are used (all models).
* A new Bright Red has been added to the available body colour selection (WRX).
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