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Any guru who can help me with diagnos ideas?

Riddle: I have a hybrid FMS with stock MAF and SpeedDensity. After failing to properly click in my MAF sensor back into housing after replacing power steering hose, I unknowingly drive 45 miles with no MAF and was alerted to the problem when pulling code P0172 - fuel system too rich bank one. A/F ratio all over the place: 16.8 at idle (lean) and 11.1 - 12.6 under no boost (rich) setting backfires with every shift. After my oopsie I reattached MAF sensor, cleared codes and thought I was fine. However, after 20 miles I pulled same P0172 code again. And then again after cleaning it all to make sure not dirty. And then again all same issues and codes.

I replaced MAF sensor hoping that was it, nope.

Car has 49k miles, 18k on build, I could not find any leaks post turbo, and O2 sensor bank 1 is OEM and looks clean. No leaks in MAF housing.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts