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After returning from overseas for the last five years, I've started driving my GR again. I would come back about once a year for a few weeks and drive the car, then it would sit for another year. Up until now, the car worked fine whenever I would come back. However, this time it overheats. It gets to temperature fine and stays there while I'm driving. Some times it will creep towards 200 while I'm driving. Mostly, it overheats while at a standstill. I checked the fans when the car is over 200 and they weren't spinning, so I pulled the fans out; tested them individually; found them dead; and replaced the motors. I checked the fans with new motors again when the car was hot: still not spinning.

The temperature gauge in the dash doesn't move from the absolute middle of the range during all of this. I'm seeing the temps rise and fall on my Accessport only. I took it to the local Subaru dealer where they pressure tested it and it failed; found no combustion gases in the coolant; noted no external leaking; and said they saw coolant around the expansion tank/lower radiator area.

O, and my AC clutch is busted at the moment. I have a new clutch to put in, but have been putting it off due to life business related to moving back to the US.

Please help!

-Overheats at low/no speed.
-Radiator fans not spinning. New fan motors installed; good main fan and sub fan fuses; new relays.
-Gauge in dash stays in absolute middle of gauge. AP shows temps climbing.
-Alleged coolant leak internally, but also externally??
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