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Once a WRX owner...

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Hey everyone. I'd like to congratulate everyone who is now a proud owner of the ST! beast.
I saved my money during high school and bought a 2000 WRX. I loved that car like it was my kid. But that same year, it was totalled right before i left to marine corps bootcamp-long story. Since then, i've been working on other people's WRXs.
So, i've been waiting for the STi for a while, but will need to wait till at least december. (i have to dig myself out of a couple of holes first :x .)

I was wondering how the sales are going and if i'm even going to be able to get hold of one. Im pretty sure its too early to try to put one on hold. And of course, theyre going to go through at least another production year. Im just looking for reassureance, because the wait seems sooo long.

Thanks all, for the motivation.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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