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Remove can and use transparent hose to monitor any blowby changes. That's what I would do.

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Clear lines ended up looking nasty after only a few hours, I wasn't worried to much about looks with the 33.

I think all the talk about oil woes with the STI is cute, try getting a RB to keep it's oil in it's belly, now that is a struggle, and I mean engine out and lots of machining and fabrication.

Tomei oil pump
Enlarge oil drain backs
Blocked and resized restrictors
Additional -12 drain from rear of head to sump
RB26 cam covers with Mines baffles
Enlarged sump
Windage tray with swinging gates
Baffled can with drain back to sump with one-way valve

These are coincided the minimum mods to control oil for track.

She had a lazy 500hp from the 25/30 and would do lap after lap, after the oil control was sorted that is.
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