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UPDATED 9 May 2011

Plans for the car are as follows: Auto X and Circuit X and HPDEs are in my future. When I rebuilt the engine, thats what i was thinking about, mostly HPDE. Cost was an issue, but i know I have a stout block to continue doing what I want. Also, I am now married as of 6 August, 2010! Once the engine is finished with break in (at 600mi now) I will be working on suspension/bushings/bracing almost exclusively and hitting as many driving events as work will let me!

Big shout out to Dave, Robbie and Jap @ Epic Motorsports in Fayetteville, NC for all their help with installs and almost everything done on my car! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

trying to hit 5 events this year! (army willing)

Track event:
May 15-16, 2010 w/ Trackdaze @ Shenendoah Circuit, Summit Point Raceway, VA(/WV)
February 29-March 1, 2011 w/ Trackdaze @ Full Course, Virginia International Raceway, VA
April 30-May 1, 2011 w/ NASA SouthEast @ Carolina Motorsports Park, SC

The Car (Tara):

Engine: AR Fabrication assembled longblock: my original block rehoned, stock cams/crank
CP Pistons @ 99.75 & coated
Manley H Beam connecting rods
ACL coated main and rod bearings
Gates Timing belt
Killer B oil pickup
ARP headstuds
Cometic Headgasket
1mm oversized Ferrea valvetrain with bronze guides
and some finishing in the valves to make it work slightly better
Blouch Dominator 4 XTR

Other engine related mods:
Crawford Performance AOS V2
TGV Deletes done by AR Fabrication
Intake manifold ported by AR Fabrication
8mm Phenolic Spacer
Gimmick Radiator
APS recirc BPV
APS hard inlet
KSTech 83mm intake
GTSPEC UEL header (4-1)(3 bolt)
GTSPEC EWG upipe (3 bolt)
Tial 44mm EWG @ 17.4 lbs with big red and small blue springs
TurboXS 4" downpipe --> 3" mid w/ 2 silencers, no cats, Greddy exhaust
Labonte Motorsports Meth Kit with failsafe (not used right now)

Drivetrain, Suspension and Bracing:
B&M short shifter
TIC Holy shift set (from Tony @ TurnInConcepts.com)
Klunk Killer comfort (from Tony @ TurnInConcepts.com)
Transmission Cross Member Bushings (from Tony @ TurnInConcepts.com)
Cusco front strut brace
BC Racing BR Series coilovers (from Josh @ Importimageracing.com)
BC camber plates F/R and extenders (from Josh @ Importimageracing.com)
RCE front swaybar @ hard setting (from Myles @ RaceCompEngineering.com)
RCE rear swaybar @ soft setting (from Myles @ RaceCompEngineering.com)
Kartboy endlinks F/R (from IAG performance)
Camber bolts maxed out up front
Kartboy Rear Subframe lockdown (botox) bolts
Whiteline RCA/Bumpsteer kit
Free caster mod
Turnin Concepts Trailing arm bushings (F/R)

These are alignment goals. Adam at Firestone usually spends around an hour and a half getting them just right... :)
Camber -2.6
Caster 5.1
Toe 0

Camber -1.5
Toe 0

Interior, Electronics and Gauges:
COBB AccessPort 2
Maddad Ultra Standard boost, oil pres, water temp in ATI clock pod
Innovate DB-Red/LC-1 3796 Wideband
Valentine 1 radar detector
Dual receiver w/ Bluetooth
Schroth Rallye 4 Quick Fit Harness (driver side)
SRP Racing pedals
Garage door opener (LOL)

Brakes and Contact patch:
SS braided Brakelines w/ ATE SuperBlue from Ken @ wrxbrakes.com
DBA 4000 rotors F/R from Ken @ wrxbrakes.com
Hawk HPS or HP+ for street/DD; Hawk DTC-60 for track from Ken @ wrxbrakes.com
Grimmspeed Master Brake Cylinder brace from Josh @ Importimageracing.com
Enkei RPF-1s 17 inch x 8.5 +30
Dunlop Direzza Star Specs (245 45r17)

Body and Aero:
Seibon CF CW vented hood (HD0405SBIMP-CW)
Aerocatch hood latches
Ebay Special Limited front lip (hey! it was 60 bucks!)
WRX trunk swap
APR GTC 200 Wing (mounted for track only (usually)

Lots of tools + now i have my very own garage!!! its awesome!!!
unlimited alignments @ firestone for as long as I own the car :D

Ordered, Arrived and awaiting Install:

Buylist/Coming Soon!:
phone and/or AP2 mounts
35% tint
bigger Fuel Pump (maybe Aeromotive)
bigger injectors (maybe 5/0 motorsports 1200 or ID 2000s, well see)
E85 tune from Robbie @ Epic Motorsports
100oct tune from Robbie @ Epic Motorsports
ms109 tune from Robbie @ Epic Motorsports
c16 tune from Robbie @ Epic Motorsports
battery relocation
APR wing risers and gurney flap
change intake location and get shield for inside car
paint hood
car detailed

CF or Aluminum driveshaft
front subframe brace
X brace
front splitter

---FOR SALE:---(make an offer!!!!) (in NC zipcode 28301)
OEM Brakelines
OEM Swaybars and endlinks
Precision Turbo FMIC

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Re: And now to the track! NEW MEMBER JOURNAL COMING!

Some history:

May 29, 2010- I run into back of a car @ 5mph while helping my buddy elliott buy an 04 STi in NJ. What a hassle! going through Broken Motorsports, then AR FAB in VA, before getting the work completed. IT TOOK 3.5 MONTHS!! but i finally have her back. YAY! :D

1st owner: in CT, thanks for keeping such great records!!! Tuned at speedtechnik (323 Westport Avenue Norwalk, ct 06851-4311)
2nd owner: in CT, thx for being so accomodating when i was up there! tuned at The Shop by junior. theshopct.com
3rd owner: me :) my second STi, (first being a AW 04 @ stg 2). sold it when i got in the service. got back from iraq and i still wanted one, so i got it (the perfect one, almost). flew up and saw the car, bought it, drove it down to NC, where it now resides. with me. :D

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Re: And now to the track! NEW MEMBER JOURNAL COMING!

keep getting a p0245 (boost wastegate solenoid bank A, i believe) boost code on my high boost map. cant figure out why. i went to the drags (for the first time ever) and did about 8-10 runs without a single problem. so whats the deal with that!??!?

another reserved post

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Re: keep getting p0245 pg1 My first trackdaze! NEW JOURNAL COMING SOON!

turned on the meth map today and no CEL! yay! i cant determine if it was unplugging my AP2 from the OBD "y" cable and directly to the port and reflashing or not.

for the first run i tried after that i could feel the meth injection for approx 500 rpms and then cut out again. i tried to pinpoint the problems and set up to datalog and gave it another go. now the meth turned on a little late and cut out a little soon. checked to see if i got the datalog, and the AP2 said it disconnected from the ECU (WTF, more on that later). about that time i arrived at Epic Motorsports and thought id give it another try after reflashing the same map again.

long story short...---> i tried again (still didnt datalog, same error) but the meth came on full and hard. I WAS SO HAPPY< HUGE FRIGIN GRIN ON MY FACE! :D.

dunno what happened, but it seems it fixed itself. maybe i had some bad meth or something or my AP2 is going haywire.

BUT FOR NOW, all is well!


PICS!!?!?!? i think so

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Re: frigin broken bleeder valve on my brembos...

everything was going great til the second day. we are bleeding brakes and my buddy and i cant get the inner bleeder valve (stock brembos) out, hes being gentle and it just sheared right off. after about 4 hours and several different methods later we conclude that were gonna have to take it to a shop and get the sucker milled out. what a pain int he ***. so im using the other car (that my GF drives, 98 malibu v6) for a day to see if i can get this squared away.

good thing my buddy had an extra bleeder valve...

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Re: frigin broken bleeder valve on my brembos...

^ Sucks. My buddy broke bleeder valve in his WRX and broke extractor in there trying to get bleeder out and no shop would touch it. He bought used calipers to fix the problem.

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Re: frigin broken bleeder valve on my brembos... installs are in!

So I decided that I really needed front endlinks for this track session I'm going to, even though I'm already in Virginia. ... it was a little hassle driving almost 2hours (4 hours total) to pick them up. But when I got to aig performance in
MD everything was better. I got endlinks ( plus spacers just in case) and hawk HP plus pads for a great price. Sweet. Now I'm glad I brought my own Jack and stands to install them. I picked up a helmet and 5 gallons of Meth at speed unlimited so I'm all set except for a tarp. Yay

This post made from my nexus one.

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Re: Car rebuilt by ar fab updates returning soon!!!

up-dates. up-dates. up-dates. up-dates. and pictures too......you bastard. this weekend i think we are all going to hit the track. you're invited.
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