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Offset Shifter!?

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Hey guys. I have a potential issue with my shifter/trans. When I started it this AM, I noticed that the shifter seemed "offset" in the shift boot. Where it is normally centered in N, it is placed more towards the 7 o'clock position, so a shift into second will almost cause contact between the shift boot ring on the shift level and the shift trim facia (square silver piece). There are NO issues in shifting otherwise.

I have not been under the car yet, but wanted to find out some ideas prior to taking the shotgun approach.

Related Mods: TiC Trans Mounts, KB Short Shifter, all TiC bushings for the shift assembly/stay.

Thoughts? I can snap a pic...if that'll help. Thanks in advance!
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Is the KB adjustable? I know I installed a Cobb in my friends WRX and the throw adjustment was slipping up and down causing that same issue
Good idea, but its not adjustable.
I would start with the rear shifter bushing. If the drivers side bolt came out, it could cause this.
Found the issue. One of the U-joint shifter bushing bolts lost the nut. The offset shifter was caused by the bolt tip sitting halfway into the U-joint.

Now my problem is that the U-joint is twisted slightly, so the bolt tip and hole on the joint do not line up. I am not sure there is any easy way to fix. Will keep you posted, but thought I'd share my find!

Fixed. Took about 5 hours of trial and mostly error. This must have been an issue for a while because the shifter feels WAY more solid now!
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did you use a big fucking hammer to fix the problem?
did you use a big fucking hammer to fix the problem?
Oh how I wanted to! Two large screw drivers, one prying the yoke at the shift arm and one underneath holding the yoke at the U joint. The two BIG plusses:
1. The shifting is now awesome.
2. I got lucky in guessing the size of the nut...first guess!
Welcome back.
Good job finding and correcting the issue. It's always amazing how screwed up gear will still perform well enough that we can justify it being "normal" enough.

Thanks for the reminder, too. It's a good idea to check mods every so often for issues like this.
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