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Okay, now that I have your attention, this is your opportunity to select that one photograph of your STI that you consider breathtaking, that photograph which embodies so much to you. Or that one image that makes you mod horny as one of the great enthusiast gods once said.

Post ONLY 1 image please.

You know that one image which impresses you each time you see it. Post it, we want to see it.

To be courteous to others in this thread, please disable your signatures in this thread by deselecting the "Show Your Signature" option below. Only pictures please, no discussion; this is a silent thread with images only please. If you want to ask someone about their car, PM them. You may include a link to your member's gallery.

If you add some further mod in the future and a new photograph because even more breathtaking, post that one too down the road in a separate post.

1 - 20 of 445 Posts