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I've got a few misc. things I'd like to clear out of the basement.
First off I have the stock STI boost gauge, complete with the steering wheel cover upper and lower pieces...no need to drill holes in your steering column. $100

Next up are JDM side markers, clear with an amber bulb. No wiring harness or anything like that, you'd have to take care of that yourself. $40 for the pair.

Another set of JDM side markers, however these aren't OEM Subaru. I got these from Chargespeed. They are the same size as the OEM ones, they are just what I would call "crystal clear". They come with amber bulbs as well, and I'll throw in some harnesses I picked up that I was going to use. They will need some trimming to work but nothing crazy. In the pictures there is a plastic coating over the lense FYI.
It is the second one shown on this page...
$40 for the set.

I have a WRX Impreza badge with the pink outline. Just has some finger prints on it in the picture. The WRX part was used for a short period of time on my car, so pretty much all of the adhesive on the back has been removed. The lower "impreza" piece hasn't been used. $20

I also have stock STI springs $50 for the set
A new Cusco intercooler coupler, blue in color (I think it's actually made by Samco)...the one sold with the heat shield $10
Stock STI shifter, never used $75
Stock STI brake lines, used for about 8000 miles $30

All prices are before shipping.
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