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NY dealers?

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Hey dudes,

I want to assure I am able to pick up an STI as soon as March 2003 comes around. Do any of you know of key dealers I can drop a deposit to in the NYC area? Thanks in advance.
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I just did a search for Bill's posts. I believe the dealer to contact is Van Bortel in Victor NY. I think I will give them a call today. Someone shout if there is another dealer closer to NYC.

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Ok, I gave Van Bortel a ring. Nice guys. I'm 10th or so on the list and was assured that I will be able to snag a Blue Black Mica STI, I hope enough of those come in. Anyways, thanks for indirect info Bill!
I spoke with a very nice guy over there last night. I told him I was worried about my choice of color (Blue black mica) and he said not to fret because they are the largest subaru dealer in the USA and I'm 10th on the list. Plus he added, that subaru may be bluffing on the 1700 figure. Who knows, either way I have my foot in the door.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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