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Hey guys,
I have the Maddad oil pressure gauge and I screwed up by putting teflon tape on the threads. I would just pull it off, but I used the WRXtra remote location kit and it is a PITA to get to all of the threads. So, I was going to try and fasten a ground wire to the sender where it threads into the hose of the WRXtra kit. It worked with aligator clips, I just need to make it "permanent". Does anyone know what size nut would fit on the end of the oils sender unit? Remeber, this is not the end with the wire to the gauge, it is the end that threads into the engine block (or WRXtra kit or galley plug). The sender is 1/8 NPT ( I believe a half inch), but I do not know what type or size of nut to use. Any ideas would be appreciated, especially from the tech guys on here.
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