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We here at TiC are very very pleased to announce that the brand new TiC 6MT Pivot Bushings are now available.

Here's the description from our site:
After the release of the 5MT pivot bushings the STi guys BEGGED us to make these. The 5MT version has been selling well enough for us to follow through for the 6MT guys.

That's right - these are the brand new pivot bushings for the STi 6MT. They fit all years of the USDM STi, and all brands of the levers that reuse the stock bushings. Oh, and for those of you wondering what they do - it's kinda hard to describe. They just make things feel better. Maybe someone can give me some prose to put here as I'm at a loss for words.

Just for clarification these are the bushings that go in the actual lever. Not down below, but under the leatherette shift boot in the car. In other words you can change these out in just a few minutes from inside the car.

Install technique is pretty much just like for the 5mt version. Here's a quick breakdown of how it works:

* Unscrew shift knob, and unsnap the shifter boot
* Remove the trim to access the shifter under the boot
* Using 2 12mm wrenches undo the bolt and remove
* Push out old stock sleeve, and pull out old bushings
* Grease the inside of the pivot tube and press the new bushings in - it's a tight fit to give it some effort
* Grease the insides of the bushings and press the new metal sleeve in
* Grease faces of bushings where they will contact the control rod clevis
* Slide into clevis - it'll be a tight fit
* Insert bolt and tighten to 8lbs
* Let me review two things - USE GREASE AND 8lbs OF TORQUE
* Give them about half way to work to get comfy in their new home, and enjoy
Here's the pics:

Now - as for a link - normally you'd find these in our STi Driveline area - in fact you'll find them there now, BUT some of the IWSTI.com guys strongarmed me into doing a Group Buy on them. Therefore you can find all the info you need for the GB over in this thread:
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