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just promise to tell them phil getchell sent you...

I'm not a TEC guy, so this may be really dumb..... I've read in places that the use of NO2 (nos) and propane are affective together... is this only with (diseal* sp) fuel only.... Something just doesn't add up... The nos I can see... being in Respiratory medicine... we use it all the time... Trust me, the high O2 concentration supports fire!!! But...porpane... (DRY.. of course...) seems like a good way to blow the pistons straight through the hood... Am I missing the boat?
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...and I'm just going to add to this post.
Do you think that if you added a leaf blower or something to an air intake and started it up when you drove your car it would be like an instant 'do-it-yourself turbocharger'? :lol:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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