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just promise to tell them phil getchell sent you...

I'm not a TEC guy, so this may be really dumb..... I've read in places that the use of NO2 (nos) and propane are affective together... is this only with (diseal* sp) fuel only.... Something just doesn't add up... The nos I can see... being in Respiratory medicine... we use it all the time... Trust me, the high O2 concentration supports fire!!! But...porpane... (DRY.. of course...) seems like a good way to blow the pistons straight through the hood... Am I missing the boat?
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Agent Chobos said:
It may have been something about diesels not using a direct spark to light the air/fuel mixture. The heat just comes from the extremely high compression; thus diesels have no spark plugs, which is why they can run under water as long as the air has a clear path (i.e. snorkel intakes, etc.)..
It's always been kinda funny to me that Diesel engines work off of a principle that one tries to avoid in a gas engine. The way I understand it Diesel's are just detonating, which could explains the noise they make as well.
Yes, if they don't have glow plugs then there is some preheating element in the air intake? or fuel line? that warms things up. I can't remember which it is. Diesels don't like the cold.
jbhebert said:
It'll work on any diesel engine, and won't blow up any GOOD diesel engine.
So don't try this on a Chevy diesel engine? :p

Apparently there are reasons they don't make diesels anymore.
jbhebert said:
None of the Big 3 make their own diesels; Ford gets theirs from International Harvester (Powerstroke), Dodge gets theirs from Cummins (since around 1981; before that they used Mitsubishi), and Chevy gets their new diesels from Isuzu (Duramax). The only Chevy diesels to avoid were the converted 350 gas engine ones that found their way into the Caddys and El Caminos in the 80's. Up until a year or two ago, the trucks all got Detroit Diesel engines, which weren't particularly powerful, but weren't nearly as bad as the converted 350s. The new Duramax is a SWEET diesel, especially since it comes hooked up to the Allison 5 speed auto or NV5600 6 speed manual.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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