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steering vibration when wheels lodged with snow!


Rollcall for the Cheese Factory --> Healdsburg drive on Friday 2/13/04.

Meet at 12:30

Depart at 12:45

This is the drive... 12 of us drove it on Sunday and it was fast and twistie.

0) The Meeting Place: The Cheese Factory on Point Reyes / Petaluma Rd. The parking lot is alittle small But we can squeeze in there. If the place is crowded before we even show up just drive to the back. There is plenty of space back there for all the cars and some nice pictures.

1) Head North/East (left) on Point Reyes / Petaluma Rd

2) Turn (left) onto "Hicks Valley Rd" (0.9 miles)

3) At the fork turn (right) onto "Marshall / Petaluma Rd" (3.7 miles)
Great place to take some video of the group driving along Hicks Valley Rd from on top of the hill.

4) Turn (left) onto "Chileno Valley Rd" (6.3 miles)

5) At the fork turn (left) onto "Tomales Rd" (16.0 miles)

6) Turn (right) onto "Alexander Rd" (17.2 miles)

7) At the fork turn (left) onto "Fallon Two Rock Rd" (18.1 miles)

8) At the STOP sign continue (straight) onto "Whitaker" (21.7 miles)
where Whitaker meets Middle Rd there's another good video area

9) At the end of the road turn (right) onto "Valley Ford Rd" (24.6 miles)

10) At the end of the road turn (left) onto "Hwy 1" west (28.1 miles)

11) Turn (right) onto "Bobega Hwy" (31.5 miles)

12) once through the town of Bodega turn (left) onto "Joy Rd" (32.9 miles)

13) at stop sign (dirt crew turns right) (tarmac crew turns left) onto "Coleman Valley Rd" (37.8 miles)

Tarmac Crew just follows Coleman out to "Hwy 1" Where they will make a (right) and continue on into the town of Jenner. Stopping at the gas station

14) Dirt Crew Turn (left) onto "Willow Creek Rd" (38.0 miles)
This will be driven VERY slowly if driven at all. The road was OUT OF CONTROL!! not to mention "CLOSED" but that didn't stop me from driving it. I've got stories about it. WOW!!!

15) Comes out on the coast. Turn (right) onto "Hwy 1" north (49.1 miles)

16) there the group meets up and we share stories about what just happened. If you need gas they have it there (premium $1.99 gal)
and they only have a chemical out house (50.1 miles)

17) Driving North on "Hwy 1" once we hit the switchback hill climb. On the first switchback there is a good place to catch the cars coming down into the valley on Video

18) Turn (right) onto "Meyes Grade Rd" (55.7 miles)

19) Turn (right) onto "Fort Ross Rd" (60.6 miles)

20) Turn (left) onto "King Ridge Rd" (70.3 miles)
Great Video spots on this rd. 77.7 miles & 79.5 miles, We will be stopping at (80.5 miles) for a group shot and talk

21) Turn (Right) onto "Tin Barn Rd" (86.7 miles)

22) Turn (right) onto "Stewart Pt / Skaggs Springs Rd" (92.7 miles)
A place for a great Video shot is at 105.8 miles. The last group shot will be at 110.8 miles where there is a great view and back ground. Last good Video place is at 119.5 miles on some nice twisties.

23) Follow back to Hwy 101 south. Total Mileage (126.0 miles)
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