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Re: clear bra

Okay folks,

I'm shopping to move my cars around, replace my S4 for an STI/EVO (thinking STI) and move some other things around.

I went to Stevens Creek and while I appreciated the conversation, I was not happy that I could not test drive the car. I'm not looking at beating on one, but I would like to see the shift points and how the suspension feels.

If someone can assist I would be appreciative .

Here is a short write up I did today based on my driving the EVO and seeing the STI today. I would really like to drive the STI or hell even just ride in it (I would let someone drive my S4 for driving their STI so they could have first hand experience of driving a nice sort of stock S4).

Email: [email protected]


Subaru would not let me drive an STI but I drove the EVO. Me, "Okay I don't want to beat on someone elses car", then the sales guy, fleet manager takes the wheel and nails it, fast shifting thru the first 3 gears. I was just like ummmm, okay. Then in order to turn into a parking area for us to change seats he takes the shoulder, rocks and debris bangin on the car etc, not cool if you ask me!

Anyways, my initial impressions of the EVO and STI



Actually in person it's not bad, it's actually quite striking even with the carbon fiber wing (like the white!, but the blue Is darn cool too). Wheels look small for 17's but the car does look like a respectable vehicle


It's pretty cheap, but it's a mits, the seats are NICE!! Very nice, the rear is comfortable and plenty of room, head etc. Not a lot of arm room in front, my shoulders and left arm needed some of that arm rest area the driver was using. Trunk normal cheap card board covering the donut spare.

Driving, ride, engine etc:

Besides the car smoking It has a weird whine to it, but it drove nice, engine was fairly healthy feeling (my S4 feels better) and the handling of this car is CRISP, lane transitions, w0w. This is a handling car out of the box, hardly any sway. BUT!! The car pogo's a bit, the front shocks appear to be under dampened for the car (disappointment) and the ride is really twitchy, it's a track car not a perfect daily driver. Want out of the box track car, the EVO wins.



I like it, it's not bad at all, except the hood scoop (but it's bolted on it appears, so probably could easily switch to a WRX or go FMIC and do some custom carbon fiber cowl or flat hood.. But it's nice, lightened glass, nice BBS wheels 17's but look a bit bigger then the eVO. EVO/STI exterior is a tie to me


The STI shines, although the seats are not full race recaro's they are very nice momo's! The dash in the STI is very nicely laid out and overall the dash outlay is much better (all the way across). (The EVO dash kind of comes into the cockpit (Radio), like a minivan would). Interior of the rear seat is really nice, the seats are darn soft. STI kicks the EVO's ass


No friggen clue! I won't spend a dime with a dealer that won't let a serious person test drive a car! I told them I was not wanting to test the engine, but the suspension, so we can granny all over the place, just wanted to get a sense of the A-B ride, since the EVO is so darty..


STI active diff and 6spd, larger displacement (AND OH MY GAWD THE TURBO LOCATION, can you say a 2-3 hour turbo swap, I CAN!!)

Colors I wish there was a green (of course you do Tory). But for the STI, it would be white, blue or black (that black perl is sick!)

The rear wings fit the cars and don't bother me at all.

So with some of the DBW stuff being resolved, the larger displacement motor, the active diff, the 6spd, the out of the box (rumored) more a to b friendly the STI is it.

However you want proven power motor, it's the EVO, if you want race track performance out of the box it's the eVO, if you want monster power packages now, it's the EVO.

The EVO is a sharp looking vehicle, but it's quite a bit cheaper and watered down then the Subaru competitor.

I need to drive a Subaru!

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What's up,

I'm 2-3 months away from my purchase, actually going to checkout a possible deal on the STi tomorrow.(maybe I'll surprise everyone and bring her home)

As far as the test drive, I agree that you should be able to test drive a 33K car before you decide if to buy it or not, on the other hand, I wouldn't want to buy a car that a bunch of people test drove, so there are 2 sides to that argument.

What you should do is compile a list of dealers all around the bay and start calling, that's what I did. I started calling them, the first one turned me down, he actually told me: "You can test drive the car on the way home, after you buy it". I told him to have a nice day and enjoy his weekend.

I called the second dealer, salesperson puts me on hold, goes to talk to the Manager...comes back after 10 seconds: "Come on down..." An hour later I was test driving the STi. I rememberd to treat it nice and didn't push it, just a quick drive around the block for about 10 min.

If you do some research at http://www.edmunds.com you'll find alot more tips, and really this should be your attitude about buying the STi as well. Just start calling or go there, you don't like what you hear? Walk away...go somewhere else until you find what you want. I sometimes walk away if I don't like the salesperson.

Peace out.

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