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As the title reads i am new to the subaru world. just bought my first subaru 2005 sti. a little bit of info/history on me. started out with an 05 tiburon gt. then quickly moved on to an srt-4. then had a cobalt ss for about 3 years. finally landed on the car of my dreams! as u can probably tell i have a sweet spot for turbo cars lol. needless to say, this will be my car for a long time to come, God willing. been reading on the forums, and i must say it is a bit overwhelming! my car is stock except for a K&N intake. will be getting the 90k service on her soon as well. hopefully i didnt ramble too much, i look forward to learning much more about this car as well getting some good incite on what future mods to look into. My goal is to eventually rebuild the motor and go for a bigger turbo, with supporting mods of course. to include suspension/drivetrain. thanks for reading, and suggestions are always welcome...
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thank you. i am really happy with this car. its hard to find one without major mods already done to it. there was only one previous owner and all maintenance was done at the dealer. this car looks like it did when they were new!
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