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Newbie Here!! Please Advice.

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Going to pick up my 1st STi tonight and just wandering what so I do first? Oh yea hi to everybody.
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Drive it home? I don't know what you're looking for.
Enjoy the car as is, then you can actually appreciate the mods you put in.
Research. That's what you should do 1st.
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Congrats! I do think you should figure out what to do first on your own. Exterior? Interior? Engine Mods? Suspension? Etc...

Or simply leave it all stock and enjoy the ride!
RA Mudflaps then be done with it until you're comfortable with the car and want more! :)
Mudflaps and 3m for now and drive it with care till shes broke in.
is it brand-spankin' new or used?

If its used... 1st and foremost - research. 2nd - compression and leakdown test... you don't want to throw down a significant chunk of change on a STI and then have the engine go kaboom. scholars tell me that that is not a great feeling. 3rd - if it all checks out, get a feel for it and eventually begin to drive it like you stole it. From here, its all preference. You'll find people that don't mod, others that do.

If it's new ----> Boost.

Best advice I was given though by the people on here was to seriously read this forum as much as possible. Anything you want to know about the car can be found here. Oh and don't be afraid to reach out to people here and meet-up in person... most of us are all pretty chill and happy to help each other out.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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