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I currently have the Europien/JDM stock Gold wheels and Falken AP615 tires.

I want to buy new rims. Anybody knows how much does my rim weigh? without me needing to strip and weigh it...
I would like to buy rims lighter then the rims I have now, and the same size (17x7.5) and offset. I haven't decided yet, but my car is white, so i'll go for either white rims or black/dark gray rims, not silver and not gold.

Does anybody have pictures of 2003-2004 (VR-9) White WRX or STI with black rims or white rims? I want to see which looks nicer.

Could you recommend some brands and models? Some shapes I like: Rota SDR, Tarmac II, WedsSport SA-70/90, TC-005, Motegi Racing MR7, Racing MR4.

Other then rims, I do have a all-season set of Yokohama tires (I don't remember the exact model, will check soon and update) for winter time (only rain here, never below freezing or close), but I want to buy a set of summer tires like the Falkens I have now, either i'll go for the 615's again or maybe ADVAN or Potenza's? What do you say?

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