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so yesterday, i finally got around to putting on my 57f's on my '05. just curious to see if an alignment is needed for putting on wheels that are a different size than stock? the last time i got an alignment was a few months ago, after installing coilovers. i haven't hit any major potholes when i was rolling on the stockers, and the car felt fine after going around town last night. i also did NOT change my ride height settings whatsoever; just a straight up wheel/tire swap.

anyway, here are the specs if it matters:
wheels - 18x8.5, +45
tires - rt-615 235/40/18

btw, not sure if this was supposed to go in to the suspension forum, or the wheel/tires forum. if it does indeed need to be in the suspension forum, please move. sorry about that.

thanks guys.
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