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New to the area, looking for tune shop and paint

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Hi guys, I just got stationed at Fort Meade, MD. I'm looking for reputable tune shop and paint shop in the Baltimore area. I just bought a SWP 2013 BRZ Limited and I know Pure Automotive does BRZ stuff out of Millersville but I also want a shop with a 4 wheel dyno that can handle my 2004 STI. Agile Auto is nearby but someone at the local Subaru dealership recommended against Agile specifically, "They half ass." Just broke 60000 miles on my STI today driving away from picking up some 2005 floor mats. :*(

I see Mach V in Sterling posting on the MA threads. It's only an hour or so drive. I could do that.
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IAG isn't too far from you.
I love my Agile Automotive tune. Both of them (STU legal and street tune). TurboXS is also good for opensource tuning and Mach V isn't half bad. There are sooooo many options in the mid atlantic area.
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