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New STI owner!

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Hey everyone,

I just bought a new 2013 STI. So far I love it. Coming from an 08 Scion TC :) (don't hate it got good gas milage?) Anyways just thought id say hello. I honestly have NO clue where to start so any tips on where to go from here would be great. I live on West side of Arizona about 2 hours from San Diego. I really want to mod but this will be my first. I'll clean her and post a picture tomorrow. It is the Dark blue. Or Blurple in the sun. But i still love the color so i can handle it! Thanks everyone! glad to be a subie owner!
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Congrats, its a great feeling to own an STI!

As far as mods, what is the purpose of your STI for you? That will drive your mod path. I'd advise what I think any STI should have:
- front clear bra
- Mud flaps. I HATED the look of mud flaps prior to owning my 2013. A few backroad bombing runs and a couple of small paint chips changed my mind. Also, I don't even notice my mud flaps anymore, so they can't look THAT bad :lol:
- Tint
Congrats on the STi too bud!! I love that color!! wish i would've gotten that one myself...

Since your coming from the Scion TC I would 1up with the guy on top this post... cuz since your new to the car, it probably feels really fast lol I would worry about parts later and save money, do some research and decide what you want to buy, then when it feels slow mod it!!! plus it saves the warranty... :domo::smash::domo::naughty::domo::wave::domo:
Congrats on the purchase. You will love it.
love the color -- subbie calls it Plasma Blue Pearl. Congrats!

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here you go everyone!!!


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