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Hello all, I just signed on a new blue Sti. I’ve been a closet reader of this forum for a long time, mainly to check in to hear about problems and such that might be popping up. I had almost purchased and Evo several times until the Sti came out and I saw just the quality of build issues on the Evo and immediately passed on it. I traded in my '02 Acura TL type S. I sure will miss the luxury and mix or pretty good performance (especially mid range) but I wanted to get the feel back that I had with the 2 S2000's that I owned before it and still be able to haul around my young kids (1 and 3). I don’t plan on modifying any time soon, I prefer working war's :)

You will find me at PIR (Portland international raceway) as often as I can get there. I had spent a lot of time there with my S2000's.

I will pick it up tomorrow, I got a blue on they go in today that had not even gone through inspection, still had all of the shipping things on it. They still have 4 in, all black hahahaha.

I got it at msrp but did take it in the rear on my trade in, but not to bad, payments around $500 on a lease.
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