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Hey all--

Been lurking for a few weeks, finally decided to register.

I picked up my first Subaru, 2006 AW STI, on August 1 and I absolutely love it. Not quite broken in yet, driving this weekend should get me close. The Subaru community seems to be filled with a lot of knowledgable people with really good taste, there are some beautiful cars on here! :cool:

I also own a 98 Civic EX that's lightly modded, mostly suspension, that I use as my commuter car... mostly why I've had the STI for 6 weeks and only have 650 miles on it :p

I've put in an order for my first series of modifications, I just couldn't help myself. On their way are:
1. RCE springs (2nd batch)
2. Whiteline steering bushings
3. Whiteline 27/29mm FSB
4. Group N Front and Rear strut mounts
5. Kartboy front endlinks
6. Alignment, I'll probably run -1 F and R with 0 Toe.

Anybody in the bay area want to help with an install? I'll buy the sandwiches and beer! :wave:

Future plans (likely very near future)
1. Cobb AP
2. Cobb TBE (Catted)
3. Protune
4. Recaro Speeds (this is the one thing that is a downgrade in moving between my Civic and the STI. In the Civic I have a set of Sparco Torinos that have been in the car for 4 years. The STI seats are much less comfortable and offer less support than I am used to).

Anyway, wanted to introduce myself and say how happy I am to be a part of what seems a very cool following. Any comments or opinions are highly appreciated.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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