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Thought I’d share my head unit install....

Mine’s a 2015 STI and she had the Harmon Kardon package with no navigation.

Installed a Kenwood DMX706S head with a Rockford Fosgate R2-250X1 amp and a 8” Kicker Comp-C in the rear deck to replace the stock sub. Wiring harness, I used a iDatalink Maestro setup and the trim kit was a Metra, which seemed like it was going to be a cheesy fit but ended up working very nicely.

Left the HK door and tweets alone, they sound good enough for me for now with the new head unit (amazing how it brought them to life!)

Still might try to relocate the amp to a more hidden location just haven’t figured out where or if the juice is worth the squeeze. Also will be pulling the deck one last time so I can re-flash the Maestro, not thrilled with how I set up the steering wheel controls. For anyone in the future I actually flashed a 2015 Forester because the STI didn’t have my same options listed but the Forester did (non-nav HK system).

Came with some challenges, I don’t do this for a living haha, but turned out great and super happy with the setup.




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