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New guy to the Forum

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Hey guys, looking to become an STI owner in the near future. I've owned a few Alfa Romeo's (72' and 74' GTV) a Land Rover Discovery, and have been club racing for a few years now. I'm looking to buy an interesting and practical daily driver that I can take to the track every now and then. An STI seems to fit the bill. I'd really like to find a low-mileage hatchback, and am open to any suggestions as far as starter mods and what to look for in an STI!


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Welcome to the forum! Take a look at some of the stickied threads to get more of an idea about the STI. They are great cars!!!
Welcome to IWSTI! Please read stickies, search for your answers, and browse around to get yourself acquainted.

Any pics of the Alfas? :naughty:

Here's a good picture of the Alfa I still own, it's an SCCA racecar, currently looking to sell ;)

I'm excited about STI's, can't ignore that awesome sound...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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