Firm price. This is a $3069 set that I am selling for $1700 so I can get rid of it. Almost $1400 off just so I can move it and get some money back. Price is firm. Unfortunately I sold my 2021 STI because I need the money and to take care of my family. Its with great sadness and emotions that its happening. This is a custom coilover set, that I had built by Fortune Auto. This isnt your standard 500 series, this is a 510 series, with 10k HYPERCO springs front and back, and
Cygnus Performance High Caster Camber Plates which is a $300 ish option, thickest and most solid camber plate on the market. I went all out on this build and was super excited, up until I decided I have to to sell my 2021 STI :( :( I live in Charlotte, and I can meet up with anyone within a 2 hour radius from Charlotte, at any of busy places that I choose for my own safety. Also I will be in Chicago from December 23-27th so I can meet up with you in IL also 2 hour radius from Chicago. This is a great deal for a brand new, unopened coilovers, that I dont have yet, they are being sent out sometime this week. In case you wonder why not return them, its because I cannot, since its custom build, and not the regular stuff. I will except Zelle at the time of transaction, or cash as well.