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new 2007 sti

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My friend just recently bought a 2007 sti with what looks like the invidia n1 race exhaust. He wants to get back to the sti rumble and is not sure what needs to be changed. does just the muffler need to be changed or the whole system, midpipe, downpipe and all.
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Since he has an Invidia N1 race, I believe that the installed part comes with a 3' CBE. The car should noticeably have the signature boxer rumble with his current aftermarket exhaust. You said the car was new, although since it's a 2007 STi, I'm assuming it was 2nd hand. If the car sounds different from most subies, my bet would be that the car may have had equal length headers installed.
Yes new to him sorry. So he would have to get new headers and that would make the exhaust not so bad. I it's super raspy and almost sounds Honda civic ish
The stock headers would give off the boxer rumble. I think the previous owner may have changed the headers, thus altering the sound. You could also try trading the N1 exhaust out for a different CBE.
we will have to take a look at the headers see what they are. Thanks for the replies
You'll definitely be able to tell if they're aftermarket. The factory headers will be completely surrounded in aluminum heat shielding unless the previous owner removed it. Sounds like he does in fact have EL's on from what you're saying.
I bought my 2007 STi with equal-length headers and it sounded like a Evo, a non-rumbling sporty tone and very quiet.

It came with Perirn Equal Length Headers and a HKS Ti Carbon Fiber Catback 3" Exhaust... So I changed it up and bought Tomei Unequal Length Headers and an Indivia Divorced Catless downpipe to mate with my HKS 3". Very deep Subaru rumble and pops a flame or two once in a while...

Changing the headers WILL give him the 'rumble' back...
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