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Anyway, here are the meet details...

Note: Original main thread was on WRXFanatics.com... I am changing that now, and this will be the primary thread. So, check here for the lastest details.

2003 Northeast Subaru Impreza Club Regional Meet - Connecticut

When: June 28th, 2003
Where: Danbury, CT
Place: Marcus Dairy
Time: Noon @ Marcus Dairy (take note to 10am pre-meet)

Address:3 Sugar Hollow Rd., Danbury, CT 06810

NOTICE: Just got off the phone with Marcus Dairy. Hehe... Let's say we're welcome to be there, but we're going to overwhelm the place at that time of day! The guy over there is going to talk to some friends he has in the business, and see if we can get any kind of special catering or something like that. I wasn't aware we were able to overwhelm places with such a small group (91 people? Come on, this could be 200!). So, I'm going to talk to him Tuesday about what we can work out. With the mall across the street, food is accessable over there, etc. Anyway, everything will stay as planned. Just thought I'd mention we're apparently a large group! :lol:

ANOTHER NOTICE! I should say Marcus Dairy did mention something else... They thought we were coming as part of a car show club coming up at 5pm... So I ask you all... WHO WANTS TO GIVE THAT CLUB SOMETHING TO REMEMBER?!? Anyone interested in returning to Marcus Dairy at 5pm as a giant caravan?!? :lol:

Drive After Lunch?:A few routes are plotted out. More than likely we'll drive to one of the parks within a hour range.

Equipment: If you can, PLEASE bring your FRS Radio! It will greatly help at this meet. Channel for this meet will be 5. It is not mandatory, but they're only $8 at Wal-Mart if you don't have one... It's well worth having. It will make this meet go much smoother and more fun for everyone.

Name Tags: I have name tag stickers. I'll be giving these to everyone at the pre-meet, and as people arrive for the meet at noon. I'll bekeeping them with me, and some by my car at the meet.

Who's Invited: Everyone!

PRE-MEET INFO: Sticking with the original plan, there will be a pre meet at 10am at the Danbury Fair Mall on the side where Strawberries is. This is apparently easily visible from the highway. Anyone is welcome to show up at 10, but the real fun is not intended to begin until noon! I'll be there at noon along with a few other guys I'm sure. How many of you want to show up for the pre meet doesn't matter! So, I'll see you guys at 10am! Rest of you, I'll see as you show up at Marcus Dairy (across the street).
Danbury Fair Mall
7 Backus Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810

So... Who's On The List?
Lots of guys from New York and CT, with people from MA, NJ and PA coming?!? WOW! You guys better start planning your caravans!

I have invited people from ClubWRX, NASIOC, WRXFanatics.com, and i-club. And... Some other places.

1.) Zapix
2.) jedimaster
3.) Weasel 555
4.) PlatinumWRX
5.) RSMatt
6.) bedabi
7.) cyrilgrey
8.) ^jynx^
9.) Silver '02 REX
10.) Italiano
12.) Stripe
13.) YaZahX
14.) moss
15.) SUBY2.5
16.) MikeWRX-NJ
17.) Edvig
18.) planehpn
19.) white knight
20.) cronic
21.) NeedaScooby
22.) BlackWRX
23.) coyote73176
24.) Pinochle
25.) Wht-RS
26.) McDade
27.) djcollabo
28.) Rich22
29.) TequillaSunrise82
30.) Cofusion
31.) Bort
32.) BassFace
33.) Dakz
34.) Sobelizard109
35.) MadMax
36.) Hozay
37.) Barry
38.) N'CTRL
39.) ravnazn
40.) ERaab212
43.) MalakingTiti
44.) Lunch
45.) ANashTy
46.) BlueWRX
47.) gumby1976
48.) Jay04WRX
49.) Jersey-Girl
50.) Fat Tits
51.) TomCtWRX
52.) silver_rex_4eat
53.) dragonflyr
54.) platano
55.) pitbul09
56.) Ugly
57.) needarealcar
58.) Invidious
59.) Keith99RS
60.) DDImpreza
61.) IS300
62.) hys420
63.) creature546
64.) tegnwrx
65.) 03WRXMA
66.) mr. blonde
67.) WRBlue5spd
68.) SoLiDbReAkZ
69.) scoobydrew06
70.) bustaman
71.) sochico
72.) Tyrannosarus Rex
73.) RSEnigma
74.) Hitokiri

MISC. GUESTS : 19 People

I'm guessing a good number of people on the list will be bringing somebody with them! This is going to be one great meet!

Total : 93

Note: If you are wondering about the 'GUESTS' they are people from other boards.

Big meet so far! Come on! More people! :D

While I'm at it... Here's a little eye candy for ya! :D

Look for that car (or heck, any WRX will do!) if you feel lost! ;)
~ Dan (Zapix)

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Dude i wish i could come but June 28th also happens to be my MWLCC (mid-western Le Car Club)get together at "Rufus's Chicken Hut and Oil change shack". I mean i gotta go with the meeting where i can get a extra greasy bucket of chicken and an oil change for only Three dolla and fitty cent. :wink:

P.S. does anybody remember the Le Car? That was the funniest piece of automotive S**T i ever saw. Peace!!

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X-Japan said:
4MLA1FN said:
if you take group pics, be sure to point out member #50. :oops: :)
I hope thats a woman. Tig ol' Bitties!! If its a man please don't post any pics. Just email em to 4MLA1FN for his "personal collection". :wink:
sorry Fat tits is actually a guy.

Man, I get back from a trip to SF that night, so while I wont be there I may be meeting up with some people afterwards.

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Updated the first post...

Right now, there are 81 people on the list...
63 from the Subaru boards, and 18 from another board...
Come on! Bring out the beast of all Subaru cars!
It'll give us something to drool all over!!!! :roll:

~ Dan
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