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need help with ebc and ewg

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sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I need some help. I have a 2006 sti, with a grimmspeed electronic boost controller and a tial 38mm external wastegate. It was tuned to 18psi on 91 pump gas.

the car was running great then while getting on the freeway, my wastegate stopped making the fluttering sound and I lost 6 pounds of boost. I parked the car for an hour then when I went to drive it again it was fine. But about 10 miles later it happened again. Now it only boosts 12psi, and I don't get the same sound out of my ewg. Is this a spring failure? Or does it have something to do with my boost controller?

any help is great. I don't want to pull the wastegate if that's not the issue. I just want to get it back running how it was at 18 pounds. Thanks
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sounds like you just left from your tuner. probably best to call him up. but it could be a list of things.
I actually bought the car a couple weeks ago. It was tuned on e85, but I had him retune it for 91. I think its a ebc problem. I went from a low elevation with hot weather to a high elevation with cool weather. I am going to reset the ecu and see if it resets. I think it over boosted which sent it into the safe mode.
Are the lights lit up on the dash that indicate limp mode?

Do you see any vacuum lines missing from the EBCS or EWG? Possibly pulled off?

Probably would be the best bet to get it to whomever tuned it previously, if its not too far.

No lights on the dash are on and I checked to make sure all lines and hoses were connected. I'm going to reset the ecu. I think it may have overboosted and went to safe mode
thats strange, im running a tial 38mm and i also have a ECBS. im running 19lbs and ive hammered it in third and she hits a brick wall at 19 flat. hmm
pretty sure its an ebc problem. I reset the ecu, then it was running well but it started overboosting. Now its underboosting and boosting all over the place. Maybe I should go with a manual controller. Do u get really loud flutter from the wastegate at boost? Mine sounds like a veloca raptor lol
yeah its the ebc rapidly adjusting for boost. my girlfriend said it sounded like a sheep. but the thing is ive heard of more than one case of GS ebc doing weird things. i went with HOA from RSD and the thing is solid and a better price than most name brands out there.
Have you datalogged at all? Maybe get a log with RPM, Load, TPS%, DAM, Knock Feedbacks, and Abs Manifold Pressure. Maybe include wastegate duty as well?

Then we can try to draw conclusion as to what is going on instead of guessing.
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