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Need help reading Datalogs

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I recently logged 4 runs on the flattest road I could find starting in 4th gear. Should I be worried about my fine knock learning figures?

'13 STi. Cobb OTS Stage 1. In Sport#. ACN91. 100% Stock.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjIzeeVLsHZidF93N1JTLUV4NkkyOGxPa3ZOTDljcVE#gid=1 - There are 4 tabs.
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No you shouldn't be worried, you are getting a very small amount of learned knock (Stock 1.4 degrees is from one knock event).

It could be better, but it is not a big deal.

Plugged the log into Virtual Dyno... is it pulling timing for some reason? Looks a bit low.
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Yep, that is low. You are pulling decent g/s.

Are you sure your tire size and weight are right?

Is the road slightly up-hill?
Uphill road would definitely account for that. Whoops on the tire size, 1" too short. Default settings for virtual dyno was wrong. Add 10whp/tq, but it still seems low. I was expecting ~240-260.
Thanks for all the helpful responses. The road isn't perfectly straight. There may have been a slight incline on 2/4 runs and a slight decline on the other 2/4 runs. I weight 180 lbs and am using Dunlop Sport SP600 tires.

Am i doing something wrong? Not quite sure what "pulling timing" means. Can someone elaborate a bit. I'm a noob to all this.
Your logs look fine.

The learned knock you see in all the logs is just a spot where the ECU has seen knock and pulls it there no matter what. Its doing its job by the 3rd and 4th log by adding a bit of it back at that spot. The little knock in the 3rd log at spool is pretty normal for the OTS tunes, but it isn't severe enough to worry about IMO. It would be helpful to add load to your map list.

The dyno thing is a cool function, but its 100% useless. Too many variables, you need basically the exact weight of the car, perfectly flat road, zero head/tail wind, etc etc.
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