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Need help on a part #

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Hey all,

So I was driving down the highway and some asshole dropped what I think to have been a full can of soda out right in front of me and it ended up ripping my entire front lip off and breaking the passenger side bumper mount (the one that secures the bumper to the front fender), I need to replace the bumper mount but cannot find a part # anywhere for it, it appears on a diagram from the Subaru parts websites, however they don't have a part # listed or show it for sale from what I can tell... Can someone help me out with a part number for item #12 on the attached diagram, I need it for the passenger side. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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go to subaru dealer and ask them to bring up their parts diagram - you should be able to show them on their diagram
57707FG000 or something like that... check with your dealership to be sure! :tup:

I believe its #7 as all the trademotion sites skip #12 in your diagram.

They list it as
retaining brkt W/WRX & STI Right: part number is 57707FG122

retaining brkt W/WRX & STI Left: part number is 57707FG132
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