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Need good Pro tuner in Florida, opinions?

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looking to get a protune i live in fort myers florida. ive used AMR automaster in NY where I used to live but now live here. did some research on Cobbs website for pro tuner.
anybody ever been to any of these places and had a tune done?
satsified or dissatisfied?

heres a list directly from cobbs website.

AWD Motorsports
Titan Motorsports
Kings Performance

i have a 13 sti.
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Of those, I have no experience. They're all too far away from me to consider. I'm in Panama City, so I went the e-tune route, from Mikey @ Phatbotti.
Go to TopSpeed :)
Mikey makes trips to Miami and Jacksonville every couple of months or so. He'll be in Jacksonville in two weeks - just sayin... I've gotten 5 tunes from him - great work

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Look up mtuning and vsr motorsports here in Tampa. You won't be sorry. I'm from Atlanta and have only used top speed in the past. But mtuning is doing really good work out here.
Hey man , Try William Knose at delicious tuning. He is a Master ECUTEK tuner that tuned Ken Blocks Gymkhana STI , Get him at William Knose - Delicious Tuning [[email protected]]

Hes done my STI , Patient and a real nice guy knowing his stuff. couldn't be happier after trying many assholes before.
Either wait for stimikey of Phatbotti Tuning to come down here for a road tune (check NASIOC as he posts when he plans on coming).

Or we now have a local tuner in Bonita Springs that can do dyno/road tunes. Anthony aka Drunkmann Tuning at Gulf Coast Motorworks.

You can not go wrong with either and they are both great guys and would be local. Find Drunkmann Tuning on NASIOC in the Southwest section or on Facebook.

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Check that website

As per that website, mikey will come to s.florida soon. He tuned my STi around this time last year. I think he usually comes to florida around Subie cruise dates.
Two weeks - Jax

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I'm on a stage 2 protuned with mikey from (phattbotti) tuning and am very happy with how the car runs even dialed down bc of the Florida heat it still feels like it rips
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