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Hi Guys I am looking for some advice regarding Max timing at peak load, i know that timing on top is dependent on detonation ect. What would be Safe Max peak load timing you guys would run on a pinned block (Not closed deck) and what max boost would you guys use. I know its fueling and knock dependent but i have that sorted, I'm only asking for the safety of the engine. I am from another country and Tuners are limited here.

Car & Mods:

2015 STI
Wiseco 99.75 Forget Pistons.
Eagle Forged Rods.
ACL Racing Small end Bearings.
King Big end Bearings.
Nitrated Crank.
Pinned Block (Not closed deck)
APR Headstuds.
Fully Balanced Pistons,Rods,Crank & Flywheel.
1000cc Injectors (i have 1600cc if needed)
watermeth Kit
AEM 340 LPH Fuel Pump.
Precission 6062 Gen 2 Ballbearing Turbo.
Mishimoto FMIC.

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i'm not familiar with pinning a block, is this referring to added rigidity on the cylinders but not closed deck, or the oem semi closed type?

regardless, you will have to look at what the block would be rated for, just because you have forged pistons/rods doesnt mean you can safely make 500+whp.

are the heads stock or upgraded at all?
what fuel will you be running?

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Do you know which Eagle rods were installed? They have a normal and heavy duty.

Pinning is to help keep the mains from moving around.
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