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Hey guys,

I'm new to this site. I've been thinking of owning an subaru sti for quite a while now. My friend knows that I really love sti so he talked to one of his friends to get an 2004 subaru sti version 9 off his hand for me reasonable price.

The car is an showcase car for brand greddy. Direct imported from Japan. He doesn't really drive the car as much. Hence it only has 60,000k miles on it.

Here's the spec:

-JDM 1994 EJ20 Legendary Flat-4 Boxer Engine.
-Defi JP 60mm Triple Meter
(Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Press)
-ZeroSport JP CF Defi Console.
-Auth Ganardor* with Signal (Functional).
-Carbonetic* Triple Plate Clutch.
-Methanol Kit.
-HKS EVC5 Boost Controller.
-Greddy GREX Gear Knob. walmart one
-OMP Deepdish Steering with Bosskit.
-Authentic RECARO Reclined Seat.
-Greddy BBK Front 6pot Rear 4pot.
-Greddy 2Piece Rotor with Centre Bell.
-Greddy Oil Cooler.
-Greddy Water Spray Tank.
-Greddy 3-Layer Radiator.
-Greddy FMIC Set.
-Greddy Front Strur Bar
-Twin Scroll Turbo GT2830 TD05.
-3”inch Full Titanium Trust Pe-Ti-R Exhaust System.
-Car Producing 450HP Road Legal.

The car is well taken care of. He doesn't really take the car for off road or harsh terrain. He's the first owner of the car. Checked no leaks, when I drove it's ok. But I've been doing research. Most people prefer stock with light mods. That's the reason why I came here for advice. Any thoughts? Should I find an stock sti or go for this heavily model one?

Thanks guys appreciate it alot.

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Was curious what a GT2830 was, so I googled it and then this showed up

So you copy pasted this from 2 years ago from another forum?
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