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Need advice on Performance Options!!!

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Hello Everyone,
I need advice from anyone and everyone!!! I have a 2011 sti sedan! absolutely love the car!!!
My dad has been a car junky for his whole life and a certified technician for the past 30 years and has been able to put in his input on a lot, but i think for this i need ask other Subie drivers for their advice!! Right now I have AEM CAI, Invidia Catless dp, Q300 catback, Cobb Uppipe, And a tune! I just ordered a ton of suspension stuff including, Whiteline front and rear sways, I got the bilstein gt worx yellow spring kit, also with kartboy endlinks. Now what my real question is, is that i need advice on bigger turbo! im trying to get the most "safe power" without doing internals (rods and pistons). I also have the perrin headers but dont want to put them in until i do all my performance at once. I also am getting a fuel pump, bigger injectors, perrin FMIC, and possibly thinking of water/meth injection!!! but for the turbo i want opinions!!! should i look at Garret or FP!!!!
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Stock internals - corn an option? 18G on corn or maybe a DOM 1.5 on pump, race gas or meth injection methinks.

If its gonna be a daily with occasional track days, stay stage 2 and go nuts with the suspension. If you're flirting with bigger later, then bigger turbos will get you there by shortening your stock block life -> rebuild

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Im sorry im unfamiliar with the term corn? and DOM? sorry would you mind explaining that a little more to me
Corn = E85. And DOM 1.5 xtr is a medium ball-bearing turbo.

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Blouch Dom 1.5 turbo. Also dont forget you will need injectors and fuel pump to go with it, as well as a new tune.
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