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Natural Domicile's 2005 AW STI

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Since its release in the US, I have always wanted the 2005 AW STI. Finding one with low mileage and 7 years old was a task. I finally found a single owner, low miles, clean title and complete maintenance history. Then I got to modding...I'm bad at remembering to take photos of the progression, but will from now on document the changes. Hope you enjoy :tup:

Performance Mods
-Revworks Short Block
-Wiseco Piston 99.5mm
-Manley H-Tuff Connecting Rods
-ACL Race Bearing 52mm Journal
-ACL Race Main Bearings Size Position 5
-Subaru OEM 11mm Oil Pump
-ARP Head Studs
-ARP Rod Bolts
-FP Green Turbo
-255lph Walbro Fuel Pump
-Deatschwerks 850cc Injectors

-Perrin Fuel Rails
-TurboXS Bellmouth Downpipe w/Heat Wrap

-TurboXS Catback Exhaust
-TurboXS Race Pipe
-Denso Iridium One Step Colder Spark Plugs

-APS TGV Deletes
-APS DR725 Front Mount Intercooler
-APS 3” High Flow Cold Air Intake

-APS 3” Hard Inlet Pipe
-Cobb Accessport V2 (Tune from IAPerformance)
-Cobb Short Shifter
-Grimmspeed 8mm Phenolic Spacers
-Grimmspeed Lightweight Pulley
-Grimmspeed EBCS
-Grimmspeed 3-Bolt Up-pipe
-Tial 38mm Wastegate
-Moroso Oil Pickup
-Tomei UEL Header
-Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit
-Gates AC Belt
-Gates Alternator Belt
-Gates Power steering Belt
-Subaru OEM Magnetic Drain Plug

-Defi Boost Gauge

-Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
-Defi EGT Gauge
-Defi Link Controller
-ATI Triple Gauge Pod

-STI Black Floormats
-Squash Air Freshers
-Cool White Map, Dome, Trunk Lights

-Red LED Ashtray and Key Ring
-STI Limited Red Hazard Button

- “Cool White” LED License Plate Lights

-JNA V Style Lip Polyurethane
-Blacked Out Headlights

Brakes And Drivetrain
-Hawk HPS Brake Pads

-ACT XTSS Clutch
-Subaru OEM Flywheel

-Race Comp Engineering Yellow Springs

-Cobb F/R Sway Bars
-Cobb Rear Strut Tower Bar
-Agency Power Front Endlinks
-Kartboy Rear Endlinks

Wheels / Tires
-Gold/White BBS with 255/40/R17 BFGoodrich Comp 2 Tires

-Motul SAE 90
-Rotella T6 Synthetic Oil
-OEM Subaru Oil Filter

-APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud
-Hella Supertones
-Optima Red Top Battery


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One of the Older Pics/Phases the STI went through.

Moving across the country!
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My tires were getting bad so decided to get something a little beefier. 255/40 (yes i know a lot of people have gone way bigger. But this is big enough for the OEM rims).

Finally grew some balls to take my headlights apart and black them out!



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Plasti Dip

I was curious if I would like white on white and before I paid to get them powder coated, I picked up some white plastidip.

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Import Face Off

Decided to go to Import Face Off with a few buddies in Topeka, Kansas. One of my buddies was entering the show (blue bugeye), and figured I'd try it out since I have never entered one (not really my kind of thing). But we had a good time and didnt have to worry about idiots in the parking lot door dinging my car :lol:

One of the first people there.

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I dig white on white!

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Time for a stronger block and more power!

-Subaru OEM Shortblock Halves (Assembled by RevWorks)
-Subaru OEM Crank
-Wiseco 99.5mm Pistons
-Manley H-Tuff Rods
-ACL Race Rod Bearings 52mm Journal
-ACL Race Main Bearing Set Standard
-Subaru 11mm Oil Pump
-Subaru OEM Engine Gasket Kit Set
-ARP Headstuds
-Machine Shop Cylinder Hone
-Moroso Oil Pickup
-Grimmspeed EBCS
-AEM UEGO to replace my TurboXS wideband
-Tomei UEL Header
-ATI Gauge Pod
-Gates AC Belt
-Gates Alternator Belt
-Gates Powersteering Belt
-Gates Racing Timing Belt
-Subaru OEM Magentic Oil Drain Plug
-Subaru OEM Crank Bolt
-ACT XTSS Clutch
-Subaru OEM Flywheel
-Grimmspeed 3-bolt EWG
-Tial 38mm Wastegate
-Crawford AOS FMIC
-Grimmspeed Lightweight Crank Pulley
-NGK LFR7AIX Spark Plugs
-Subaru Blue Coolant and Conditioner
-Perrin Fuel Rails

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I was debating on the H-tuff as they were beefier and I could get them for less than a retail set of regular H-beams, but I figured for 400-430whp, stock 08+ rods would do. I took the lazy way out.

I saw a picture of this car last night on Heartland Park's FB page. How far do you live from there? Now that I have a truck to trailer a car around, I might hit up the 1/4 mile some time. I'll be running the road course a few times this year.
I hope the H tuffs work out well, havent heard a lot about them.

YamahaSHO: I'm in Manhattan, KS. About an hour away from Topeka. Let me know if you go to heartland, i'd like to go back and run this when its complete. I have heard some good things about the road course, would love to go watch a subie or s2k run it.

Love the pics and build progress! Awesome!
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