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Engine / Intake:

Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Hacked stock heatsheild to fit Cobb bellmouth


ECU Tuning / Fuel:


Suspension & Stiffening:

  • OEM

Wheels & Tires:
  • Stock Gold BBS with Bridgestone RE070's for summer
  • Stock Silver BBS with Continental ContiExtreme Contact M+S for winter



Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Wingless trunk lid

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RE: Re: RE: Hot little nissan

Update 01-31-2006--------------------------------------------
Well it’s been almost a year since I bought the STi, and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly! :D I figured it’s time I update this thread (this was from the old imprezawrxsti.com days, newbies ;)). My first 1000 miles were done in about two weeks, and I had crossed 3k in little over a month. It crossed this milestone early this month:

My very first mod was just a few days after getting the car. I changed the OEM boost gauge so it glowed red, instead of white. Simple, cheap and effective, a perfect first mod! :)

Around the same time, I did my 2nd cheap mod – a DIY scoop screen. I used black plastic gutter guard because I could cut it with scissors and didn’t have to deal with metal shears. I was a bit worried about melting, but it has taken the abuse of 10k miles, heat, cold, and high speed :)devil:) without problems. Best part is, you get about 20 feet per roll, so you can cut about 10 screens per roll :)

It's hard to see, but you can kind of see the scoop screen in here:

Early on, I had a three day stint of detailing to get the car shiny. The adhesive from the plastic wrap used during shipping had left some fine lines in the paint. So I used Meguiar’s Paint cleaner, deep crystal system polish, and NXT tech wax. I was very happy with the results; you can see how glossy and reflective the paint was:

I was traveling from the end of May through mid July (my last summer break!), and then I moved to Chicago to start work, so my car didn’t see too many miles (like… 100 maybe :eek:). I brought the car to Chicago in August, and she became a weekend grocery getter. Sad, I know, but I was guaranteed to get home and not have a single bag or item in the spot I left it in the trunk :D Luckily, no milk was spilled.

I’m a Consultant, and my first project was in-town…47 miles each way…94 miles a day in Chicago traffic for 5 weeks. It sucked. The last 20 miles on the way to work were always lower traffic (read: I sped), so I decided it was time to invest in a Valentine One. I followed one of the threads I saw on IWSTI to get it hardwired in. Click here for some notes from my install. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my install, but it’s damn clean, if I do say so myself :D

One fine weekend in September, P&L Motorsport near Chicago announced that they had finished installing their new AWD Dyno. They had a dyno day, and I decided to get a baseline on my car. Yes, their dyno reads a little high, but my car put down 10-15 more WHP and WTQ than the other stock STis that were there that day. I must have a “Wednesday” car or something, because the guy that did the pull just kept saying “I can feel it, she pulls harder than the others” :devil:

(Sorry crappy camera phone picture)

In October I picked up a set of Continental ContiExtreme Contacts (225/45-17) and had them mounted on my stock silver wheels. Good thing too, because while I was home visiting my family back in November…

Speaking of November, I switched to Royal Purple 5W-30 synthetic at 8300 miles while I was home, and had my trusty service manager Ben (at Hodges Subaru in Ferndale, MI) do the change.

So that brings me to the New Year. A deal on some stock 2005 Gold BBS’ came across my path, so I had to jump. I haven’t seen them yet, but they are waiting at my parents’ house for springtime. I now have two sets of Potenza RE070s, so I should have my summer tires covered for a while :)

I also have a tub of this waiting to go on them (thanks to esemes for the recommendation) :D

So, despite not having any “real” mods…I’ve got quite a long post here. Once I scrounge up some money (and face the fact that my warranty will be sailing away) I want to do the following (in no specific order):
- 3” catback exhaust (as of now…Greddy Evo 2)
- 3” catted downpipe (Cobb Catted bellmouth – PM jsh139 for a sales pitch :D)
- Cobb AccessPORT engine management
- A ProTune. Looks like TopSpeed’s getting all the love these days, so why not? :)
- 18” wheels and tires for summer (after my RE070s are long gone)
- JDM Pinks & Group N tops (with shortened bumpstops)
- Touchscreen DVD navigation
- And I’m sure I’ll think of more :)

I guess that brings me up to date. Lookout for an update around 2007 :lol:

Well guys, I've been on this board for ages, but I finally broke down and picked up a 2005 OBP/Silver STi. OBP is dirty all the time, but I love how it looks...I was bent on CGM until the last month, at which point I had to have OBP. Out the door for under MSRP, so I was pretty happy with the deal...

I've got about 450 miles on the odo in 4 days, so I'm well on my way to finishing break in ;)

It's a beast, and I haven't even tapped the potential yet :D The love affair has begun :p

Still wrapped in plastic when I went to look at her, she was fresh off the boat (crappy camera phone pic)


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very nice, I like the black and congrats to having a stock sti that supposedly pulls harder than others ;)

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AndrewSS said:
very nice, I like the black and congrats to having a stock sti that supposedly pulls harder than others ;)
"supposedly" pulls harder? Come on now, don't ruin any disillusions I might have :lol:

Most stock STis that day were putting down between 240 - 255 WHP and 250 - 265 WTQ. Mine, during three pulls, put down between 255-275 WHP and 265 - 285 WTQ. My 3rd run split the difference at 263 WHP and 273 WTQ, so those are the numbers we went with.

Like I said, it read high compared to like a Mustang dyno, but my car put down better numbers than the other stockers (and one UTEC stage one STi that was in bad need of a tune...UTEC shelf maps must blow).

Anywhoo...I'm happy with how she's running :)

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^ i think im just jealous ;)

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Congrats! Get the Cobb AP, you will simply LOVE IT! And plus it won't void your warranty since they can't find it!!!!
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